​It is the mission of the Georgia Lions' Camp for the Blind, Inc. to provide personal growth experiences for children, teens and adults with visual impairments through the use of recreation, education, socialization and rehabilitation in an outdoor setting.


  • ​to foster the desire for participation in all camp activities
  • ​to develop in campers, a sense of responsibility and respect for others.
  • to provide the opportunity to develop a more positive attitude toward their disability
  • ​to enable the camper to learn to accept ways of competing and cooperating with others
  • ​to stimulate in campers greater independence , self reliance, resourcefulness, and initiative
  • ​to help the camper learn new skills and to explore one's individual abilities
  • ​to encourage participation in, and shared responsibilities of a democratic society
  • ​to provide opportunities for understanding and appreciation through an awareness of the natural surroundings
  • ​to aid the camper to achieve self-realization, self-fulfillment and personal identity
  • to provide an opportunity for campers to have FUN